Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids Treatment

If you’re searching for relief from hemorrhoids in Greenbelt, MD, Dr. Sushil Rattan and Dr. Radman Mostaghim at GI Med Health are here to help.

What Exactly Are Hemorrhoids?

If you’ve never dealt with the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids, you are in the minority. Most people have experienced them at least once in their lives. Fortunately, not everyone has had the pain to go with them.

In the lowest part of the anus and rectum, there are veins that sit underneath the mucous membranes. These veins often become distended and swollen due to the pressure of straining during a bowel movement. This is also common in pregnant women, due to the extra weight they carry.

When these veins are swollen or distended, it can create a great deal of pain and cause bleeding when you use the bathroom. They can also itch when particles of stool and mucus collect around the hemorrhoids.

Treatment for Hemorrhoids in Greenbelt, MD

If you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, there are a few steps you can take at home to find some relief. The first is to avoid straining during bowel movements. You should also not wait to go to the restroom, as your stool can back up and increase the pressure and need to strain when you do go.

You can also sit for about 20 minutes after each bowel movement in a tub of warm water. This can help relieve any itching and irritation as well as relax the sphincter muscles.

If these treatments don’t seem to be helping after a few days, Dr. Rattan and Dr. Mostaghim at GI Med Health can prescribe hemorrhoid creams to help. In some cases, if they are severe and no other treatment options are providing the desired results, hemorrhoids can be removed through surgery.

If the conservative treatment does not help, Drs. Mostaghim and Rattan may offer "Hemorrhoid Banding". This is an office-based procedure that takes very little time. Details may be discussed with the doctors during your visit. Find relief by scheduling a visit with Dr. Rattan or Dr. Mostaghim at GI Med Health in Greenbelt, MD by calling (301) 982-7900

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