Common Causes of Abdominal Pain

Common Causes of Abdominal Pain

If you are suffering from abdominal pain in Greenbelt, MD, you need help. Dr. Sushil Rattan and Dr. Radman Mostaghim of GI Med Health has the expertise you require to get back to a pain-free life.

The abdomen is home to many vital organs. Any of these organs can cause abdominal pain in Greenbelt, MD, which makes it difficult to diagnose, and it is imperative that you go to a doctor who specializes in abdominal pain.

Common Causes of Abdominal Pain Include:

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. The actual function of the appendix is unknown and removing it is no issue. Pain usually begins in the center of the abdomen and moves to the lower right quadrant where the appendix is actually located. 

Gallstones can form in the gallbladder and are not always painful. They will cause pain when they block the common bile duct. Usually the pain begins after eating, and it can be excruciating. Gallbladder  removal is the usual treatment. 

Indigestion can cause pain in the stomach area rising up into the esophagus. If it is persistent and getting worse, it may have developed into GERD

Food poisoning or a stomach virus can cause pain in the stomach that is often accompanied by excessive amounts of vomiting. Be careful to avoid dehydration while you are feeling ill. 

Ulcers can also cause stomach pain, but it feels different from food poisoning. It is a burning sensation in your stomach that may improve temporarily if you drink, eat or take an antacid. 

Food allergies can cause many different symptoms including diarrhea, nausea, excessive gas, and vomiting. 

Gas can be more than just malodorous, it can be uncomfortable and even painful. It can be caused by many things, including food allergies and sensitivities. 

Kidney stones cause a great deal of abdominal pain if they move out of the kidneys. More than 500,000 people a year end up in the emergency room with kidney stone pain. Most of them will pass, but they will make sure you know they were there.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) causes a variety of symptoms but  abdominal pain is one of them, along with constipation, diarrhea, and gas. 

For treatment of abdominal pain in Greenbelt, MD contact Dr. Rattan and Dr. Mostaghim of GI Med Health. We can be reached on our website or call us at (301) 982-7900 to make an appointment.

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