Questions For Your Gastroenterologist

Questions For Your Gastroenterologist

When you have digestive issues going on, you most likely will have questions for your gastroenterologist in Greenbelt, MD. Dr. Sushil Rattan and Dr. Radman Mostaghim, at GI Med Health, board-certified gastroenterologists accept new patients, and they are available to answer any questions you may have.

Does Smoking and Drinking Impact GI Health?

The bacteria that live in the digestive tract is important for the health of your stomach and colon. Both alcohol and smoking affect H pylori in the digestive tract. This increases the risk of gastric cancer as well as issues in the small intestine and colon and can result in leaky gut. These are just some of the issues with the liver also being affected and the connection to Crohn's disease and ulcerated colitis has been established. Smoking can also contribute to the formation of gallstones and the worsening of pancreatitis. 

Can Gastrointestinal Problems Be Hereditary?

Many gastrointestinal conditions do have a hereditary predisposition. If family members suffer from them, your risk level is higher than normal. Colon cancer and colon polyps fall into this category. Hereditary hemochromatosis is the most common gastric condition among Caucasians. Let your gastroenterologist know about any conditions that seem to run in your family. 

What Tests Should I Expect To Be Performed?

Depending on where the issues are that you are experiencing, your gastroenterologist may recommend an MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. 

What Body Parts Does a Gastroenterologist Treat?

Gastroenterologists treat all the parts of the digestive system. They treat issues of the:

  • Bile ducts
  • Colon
  • Esophagus
  • Gallbladder
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Rectum
  • Small intestine
  • Stomach

Is Blood in My Stool Worrisome?

It can be frightening to see blood in your stool and how serious an issue it depends on whether it goes on for more than a day or two or whether it is heavy.  Seeing blood in your stool warrants a call to your doctor. There are many reasons for blood in the stool, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

When Should I Start Getting a Colonoscopy?

You should discuss this with your gastroenterologist in Greenbelt, MD. If you are of average risk, 45 is the recommended age to begin. If you have a family history of colon cancer or polyps, your gastroenterologist may want to start earlier. Often, colon cancer is asymptomatic,  which makes it very important to get tested and continue to get tested on the schedule your doctor recommends.

If you require a gastroenterologist in Greenbelt, MD, Dr. Rattan and Dr. Mostaghim of GI Med Health can provide the services you need. Call our office at (301) 982-7900 for an appointment.

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